Climate Change

As insurers around the U.S. bleed cash from climate shocks, homeowners lose. May 13, 2024
As climate change produces more extreme weather, insurers are losing money, even in states with low hurricane and wildfire danger.

Climate Change Could Cost Each American Born Today $500,000, April 16, 2024
Beyond its effects on the broader economy, rising temperatures could seriously hurt individuals’ personal finances, a new analysis finds.
Presentation by ICF Vice-President Peter Schultz

Climate-Science Deniers, Right-Wing Think Tanks, and Fossil Fuel Shills, March 12, 2024
Inside the conspiracy to take down wind and solar power.

Climate Tax Policy Reform Options for 2025, February 27, 2024
With the expiration of many tax cuts and unmet climate targets, 2025 could be a crucial year for climate policy in the United States.

Layers of Climate Change Poster
This poster, complete with QR codes for the more curious, gives an Earth-wide view of the effects of climate change.

The United States has issued an updated National Climate Assessment. (2023)
A major government assessment lays out both the far-reaching perils of global warming and the cost-effective fixes that are available today. Read Full Assessment

Al Gore talks about climate change in a stirring TED talk.

In a 2023 TED talk Mr. Gore describes the obstacles to climate change mitigation and what can be done about it. This year’s COP gets special attention.

Climate change is speeding toward catastrophe, UN panel says.
A new report says it is still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, but doing so will require global cooperation, billions of dollars and big changes.

Delaware Today discusses how climate change looks today in Delaware.
About 200 feet before you reach the Delaware Bay, the blacktop disappears under a sand dune—more like a barrier island—that separates the delicate habitat of the tidal marsh from the open waters. On the other side of the dune, what’s left of Bennetts Pier Road is being swallowed by the sea.

USA Today reviews recent research that shows Delaware is the 5th most vulnerable state in terms of “acute physical risk” due to climate change.
That makes the small state the fifth most at risk of the threats of physical disaster fueled by climate change. When considering the economic costs of climate change, damage to physical assets could be “the most intuitive starting point,” Kamins writes.

Biden proposes new targets for power plants.
The Biden administration is proposing new rules for electric power plants, a key step in its goal of slowing climate change by creating a net zero-emission economy.