Tourism/Public Perception

New poll on OSW acceptance, February 26, 2024
A poll released today reveals that a clear majority of US/East coast residents support offshore wind development.

The Nature Conservancy Delaware Survey Data, Spring 2023

  • 77% of people believe that the development of offshore wind power projects in Delaware should be encouraged or strongly encouraged.
  • 64% of people have a positive or very positive attitude toward offshore wind power.
  • 56% of people believe fossil fuel emissions’ role in climate change is significant or very significant.
  • 51% of people are aware of the potential for offshore wind power development off the Delaware coast.

U.S. Wind visual simulation submission to BOEM on visual effects of its proposed Maryland wind farms; part of the Construction and Operations Plan.

Prof. David Bidwell finds that “tourists’ responses to offshore wind energy developments are influenced by deeper beliefs and guiding principles.”
In this study, an intercept survey captured viewpoints of visitors to and seasonal residents of Block Island (U.S.A.) prior to, during, and after construction of a nearshore, five-turbine development. A novel two-item measure reveals increased levels of acceptance over time and positive correlations between acceptance and having seen construction activities or the completed project.

Offshore wind turbines are linked with an increase in airbnb reservations at Block Island.
Researchers at the University of Rhode Island who analyzed AirBnB rental data before and after construction of the Block Island Wind Farm have found that, contrary to some concerns, the turbines have been linked to increased tourism on the island.