Marine Mammals

Captain Paul Eidman narrates this video, sharing his personal experience with whales off the coast of New Jersey
Presented by Menhaden Defenders, a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-partisan organization fighting to restore menhaden populations in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to levels that allow the species to play its historical ecological role as forage for predators.

Whale strandings facts from Rutgers University
Q&A on recent whale strandings and offshore wind energy development

Whale/offshore wind fact sheet from NOAA.
Frequently asked questions about interactions between offshore wind energy projects and whales on the East Coast.

Marine Mammal Commission denies connection between offshore wind and whale deaths
As requests for a moratorium on offshore wind continue to grow, a scientific commission joined two federal agencies last week in disputing any link between offshore wind development and the slew of whale deaths occurring along the East Coast.

CBS News report on whale strandings
Within the span of just a few months, nine dead whales have washed up on the shores of New Jersey and New York. What’s behind the mortalities has not been clearly established, but theories abound. Some have pointed blame at offshore wind development in the region and claimed construction of the sites causes harm to marine animals. But federal officials have pushed, saying that’s not what the evidence shows.

NJ Department of Environmental Protection finds no relation between whale strandings and offshore wind
All offshore wind survey activities have been permitted by NOAA Fisheries and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and deemed safe for marine mammals, i.e., no injurious activities have been permitted for offshore wind developers.