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Greg Layton says that offshore wind will save money and lives. May 10, 2024
Burning fossil fuels to power our homes, vehicles and industries sickens and kills Americans, and it costs us hundreds of billions of dollars.

Former college professor, Ted Spickler, responds to a a letter writer, April 9, 2024
I was pleasantly amused by the letter from Anita Welsch (April 5) asking the ocean for its opinion about wind farms planted in its midst. I too have wondered what the ocean might say if it could answer the question. However, my expectation for the ocean’s opinion is at variance to the one suggested by reader Welsch.

POWER and partners support new offshore wind legislation, April 4, 2024
Delaware is the only coastal state between North Carolina and Maine without an offshore wind project in the works.

POWER’s co-facilitator makes a powerful pitch for offshore wind, February 29, 2024
The Climate Change Solutions Act, signed into law in August 2023, committed Delaware to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Net zero means we would remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere as we release.

Crystal ball shows positive future with wind farms. (January 23, 2024)
Lewes resident outlines advantages of an offshore wind project for Delaware.

Letter from Director of the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind to rebut false claims (November 21, 2023)
While offshore wind requires capital expenditures at the outset, it represents an incredible opportunity and is a worthwhile investment.

Tourists won’t mind offshore wind turbines (September 19, 2023)
If people are not driven from our shores by the ugly cargo vessels, which are much closer to shore and more visible than the wind turbines would be, then they won’t be driven away by wind generators.

POWER urges BOEM to provide additional offshore wind energy areas to meet large demand. (September 5, 2023)
Since the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced its almost-final lease areas for offshore wind off the coasts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia in July, it has become more urgent than ever that Delaware act swiftly to engage developers in harnessing a critical resource before our larger neighbors squeeze us out.

Prof. Willett Kempton and Kris Ohleth tell why state legislation is essential to start an offshore wind project for Delaware. (April 25, 2023)
Now is the time for Delaware to start, by legally defining a procurement process for offshore wind power.

Prof. Willett Kempton and Kris Ohleth discuss why we need an offshore wind project for Delaware. (Feb. 7, 2022)
All of Delaware’s Atlantic Coast neighbors have set targets for offshore wind for their states, and their utilities have signed contracts for power. Plus, as of last year, Delaware has a renewable-energy goal of 40%, which will be difficult to meet without offshore wind.